BCBA Overview

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Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Overview

We are looking for bright, compassionate people that have a love for Applied Behavior Analysis and the ways it can be utilized to improve outcomes. Our organization is focused on providing exceptional family and child centered care. We also believe strongly that fostering the individual strengths of the child is essential to each child’s success.

We work hard to keep our BCBAs caseloads smaller to promote integrity and positive outcomes. Our clinicians provide face to face supervision and parent education every week on most cases. Our organization also has a talented team of speech and language pathologists in house and believes strongly in the positive impact that improved functional communication can bring.

Our environment is supportive, collaborative, and promotes healthy relationships between everyone on our team. Our center has a fun, happy, light hearted feel. We believe that children should be able to play, laugh, and have fun while they learn.

If any of this sounds “up your alley” and you are a BCBA, get in touch with us! We would love to have you out to talk about whether we are a good fit for you.

*New BACB certificants are encouraged to apply to our “mentored BCBA” clinical fellowship program to acquire the skills necessary to succeed in a clinical environment.

Benefits Include:

  • Competitive salary/ and/or fee for service rates
  • Generous professional development programs
  • Generous time-off policies
  • Friendly and fun atmosphere
  • Central clinical locations—limited driving to clients
  • Supervision and mentoring for new BCBAs and behavior analysts new to clinical practice
  • Low case loads to promote quality of care and program integrity—flexible hours/ work schedule
  • Our BCBAs choose how to manage their case loads and schedules. We keep case loads manageable so that BCBAs have time to provide ethical and clinically effective treatment

Responsibilities Include

  • ‪Be clinically autonomous with the support and guidance of of a collaborative and thoughtful team of behavior analysts to develop individualized, family and child-centered strength-based programming
  • Participate in collaborative peer review with other BCBAs
  • Work closely with ABA therapists to provide Behavior Analytic services, ensuring the ongoing progress and safety of the child and family.
  • ‪Oversee initial program set-up, including completion of initial assessment and child’s comprehensive assessment-based goals and objectives. The BCBA also writes individualized curricula and behavior plans for the student.
  • ‪The BCBA ensures accurate data collection and analysis. This includes setting up and overseeing the data collection methods; taking inter-observer agreement to ensure that data collection is accurate; and analyzing data to maintain clinically effective programming.
  • ‪Ensure high-quality ongoing behavior analytic services. This includes taking procedural integrity measures to ensure procedures are being run correctly and effectively; overseeing progression through the written teaching program; overseeing consistent implementation of behavior plans.
  • ‪Provide parent and family teaching and support in implementing plans and interventions
  • ‪Serve as the first point of contact to parents, guardians and caregivers for each case, address client concerns and needs, etc.
  • ‪Provide/review/explain reports to parents, and other service providers as needed.
  • ‪The behavior analyst manages supervisees’ performance to ensure high quality service and results, providing direction, support, and constructional feedback as needed.

Successful Candidates will Have the Following Qualifications

  • ‪Master’s Degree, BCBA certification 
  • ‪3-5 years of ABA experience providing home-based serviced is most desirable
  • ‪Availability for a schedule that consists of after-school/evening hours, possible weekends
  • ‪Experience with children within the age range of age 2-18 years.
  • ‪Excellent interpersonal / social skills, able to connect easily and quickly with people.
  • Supportive collaborative environment
  • Appreciation for work/life balance
  • Good sense of humor and appreciation for humor!
  • Interest in Non-profit organizations
  • Family and child-centered aware