Multispecialty Pediatric Centers

HealthPRO Pediatrics ABA Centers are not your average ABA centers. Our multispecialty approach to autism was designed to customize treatment for each child’s needs — and that includes center-based ABA programs that make learning and socializing fun. Families that choose to participate in speech and occupational therapy-coordinated care get all of their therapists on the same page and under one roof!

For families who choose to expose their children to peers for socialization and to sensory activities, our ABA center provides intensive one-on-one therapy as well as group learning opportunities.

An Environment Build for Kids

Preparing for preschool and kindergarten has never been more fun with our ABA center’s vast array of toys, sensory equipment, and activities. Your child will also enjoy learning functional communication and targeted school prep curricula in our simulated pre-school area.

Custom Care Plan from Multi-Disciplinary Teams

No two children are alike — and neither are their treatment plans at HealthPRO Pediatrics. The Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), speech and language pathologists (SLPs), and occupational therapists (OTs) at our ABA center work synergistically to craft a plan that’s right for your child.

Focus on Strenghts

Our clinicians believe that all children should be recognized for their strengths rather than their deficits and work to build individualized treatment plans that target deficits while further developing strengths.

Support for Parents

Our ABA center is committed to supporting families and providing the tools necessary to better support your child with autism. We believe strongly that parents — who know their children best — are essential members of our treatment team.

ABA Centers with Endless Possiblities

At our ABA centers, our clinicians see children for their strengths, not just their diagnoses.  We believe in individualized treatment plans that are family-centered and child-centered, that target challenges while nurturing strengths.  Our multi-specialty teams make your journey easier, your child’s therapy more fun, and your community support more impactful.

ABA Home + Community Based Services

Point Loma Gym

Center-Based ABA
Some children receive intensive one-on-one therapy at our ABA centers where they’re exposed to peers for fun socialization and enjoy our vast array of toys, sensory equipment, and activities. The simulated pre-school area and targeted school prep curricula in our ABA center is steeped in functional communication and helps prepare kids for preschool and kindergarten.

Our child clients are able to access music therapy, lunchtime social programs, social groups, and specially designed play areas.  

Speech Therapy
We offer individual speech therapy appointments with our speech and language pathologists. Our ABA centers welcome all children in need of speech and language services to become clients! Many of our center-based clients receive speech therapy during their scheduled days at our ABA center.

Occupational Therapy
Our ABA centers offer occupational therapy as part of our roster of services. Our occupational therapy team specializes in treating children with ASD and can address a range of needs, including feeding and food aversions. 

Pre-School & Kindergarten Preparation Program
Children aged 2–5 years prepare together in small groups for a successful transition to a school setting.  All programs at our ABA centers are individualized to suit the unique needs of each child and utilize one-on-one intensive ABA in a group setting. Programs circle around classroom-modeled group activities as children work together to build prerequisite skills for a successful transition to a preschool or kindergarten classroom. Their structured sessions will include circle time, snack groups, social skills groups, and a lunch bunch to mimic a school day.

Functional Living Skills Groups
Individual and group functional living skills programs at our ABA centers make learning fun. These programs generally target older kids and young adults that need supplementary support with essential life skills like self-care, socialization, money management, job preparation, and household skills.