Compassionate Care, Anywhere

HealthPRO Pediatrics programs can support your child’s development in your home or in your community.

Whereas center-based ABA happens at our center/clinic location, home-based ABA happens in your home or the home of another caregiver or family member. Similarly, community-based ABA allows our providers to meet you in any location where your family needs support.

Support at Home

Our ABA team can visit you at home to develop and implement treatment plans based on the individual needs of your child and family.

Support in Your Community

ABA therapy can happen anywhere — from playgrounds and daycares to grocery stores and family events. We work with you to give you tools to successfully support your child in any setting.

Parent Education

You need support, too! We are committed to empowering families by providing the tools necessary to better support your child with autism. We believe strongly that parents — who know their children best — are essential members of our treatment team.

Customized Treatment Plans

After gathering information and conducting an independent assessment, our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and multi-disciplinary team develop an individualized treatment plan, which constantly evolves based on the data collected during each session and from caregiver feedback.

ABA Services - Anywhere You Are

You need options when it comes to your child’s therapy, particularly when it comes to where your child receives the support they need. We understand families are busy, which is why HealthPRO Pediatrics is all about flexibility and individualization. We provide ABA therapy, SLP and OT, functional living skills programs, and more that support your child and your family wherever you need care most. Whether you need center-, community-, or home-based ABA, our cross-specialty teams make your journey easier, your child’s therapy more fun, and your community support more impactful.

Pediatric Therapy

ABA Home + Community Based Services

Speech Therapy
Our speech therapy includes comprehensive speech and language evaluations, language-based social skills groups, workshops for caretakers and outside providers, feeding and swallowing programs, and intervention techniques and treatment.

Occupational Therapy
In order to get optimal treatment for your child, our specialists offer a range of occupational therapy services, including comprehensive occupational evaluations and treatments. Our home OT programs are designed to promote carryover skills and to facilitate success in the home and community settings.

Sibling & Parent Support and Education
Our BCBAs provide education and support to parents, caregivers, and siblings of the child — the more the merrier! You and your family are critical members of your child’s care team.

Functional Living Skills
Designed for older kids and young adults, these programs help develop essential life skills such as self-care, socialization, money management, job preparation, and household skills.