In 1998, I received my undergraduate degree in Dietetics from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, CA.  I continued my education at Northern Arizona University where I received my doctorate of physical therapy in 2001.  Over the next several years, I explored the field of physical therapy in a variety of settings before I discovered my passion in pediatrics, specifically in early intervention.

After graduating from physical therapy school, I settled in Phoenix, AZ with my husband and began working in three different pediatric settings: clinic, schools and homes.  Through this experience, I learned the value of treating the entire child, which includes not only every aspect of the child as a whole, but the importance of the child’s care givers and environment.  My passion quickly grew for home based pediatric therapy and specifically early intervention.

I have worked with children ages birth to 18 over the past 17 years with a wide range of diagnoses, to include: Down Syndrome, CP, DiGeorge Syndrome, EDS, Intrauterine Stroke, torticollis, plagiocephaly, SMA, Rett Syndrome, muscular dystrophy,  prematurity, Cohen Syndrome, medically fragile children, Noonan Syndrome, hypotonia, epilepsy, TBI, dwarfism, less common chromosomal deletions, club foot, Juvenile RA, orthopedic conditions after injuries (leg fractures and surgeries), hip dysplasia, general gross motor delays, Spina Bifida, and multiples.

Five years ago, my husband and I moved with our three children to Denver, CO where I continue to enjoy working with children in their natural environments.  When I am not working as a physical therapist, I find myself being the taxi driver for my three children, cheering them on in their sporting endeavors, hiking with my dogs and finding new ways to decorate our home