Together or apart, we are united in helping children.

At our Denver Clinic we offer pediatric speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and applied behavior analysis (ABA).  Our pediatric services also include Multidisciplinary Autism Evaluations, reading evaluations, social skills groups and dyslexia tutoring.   We also provide early intervention services for children ages 0-3 and school based related services. Our therapists incorporate various treatments to help children reach their milestones with confidence. Our collaborative approach to therapeutic and support services uses evidence-based practices to ensure the highest quality outcomes for children Our knowledgeable, compassionate clinicians can help build confidence and self-worth. Our clinicians provide services in all settings

Additional services provided at our Denver Location include

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                      Our highly skilled, compassionate clinicians are dedicated to helping your child reach his or her highest level of independence. 
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Our Mission

Building Community Through Opportunities + Inculsion

We want everything for your child too!  We understand that every child has unique needs and it is our mission to provide your child with the opportunity to learn and grow in a supportive environment.  Our team of pediatric specialists have a higher calling and are dedicated to helping children become more independent with daily activities and to reach their developmental milestones, setting them up for success.  We believe that success for children and families mean success for our communities as well.  We are proud to serve your family at our Denver Clinic.  

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                                       Denver Clinic
                                       695 S Colorado Blvd Ste 20
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                                       Phone: (303) 360-0727
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