Should I be Concerned?

Normal development in children is monitored by looking at his or her skills in the following areas:

  • Gross Motor
    Involves large movements driven by larger muscle groups and includes sitting, catching a ball, balancing, standing, jumping, walking,running and changing positions.
  • Fine Motor
    Involves small movements in the hands, wrists, and fingers which allow us to grasp small objects, eat, write, draw, dress ourselves, play and do many other things.
  • Social Emotional
    Involves getting along with others, expressing feelings, forming relationships.
  • Self-help and Daily Routines
    Involves eating, dressing, sleeping, etc.
  • Language
    Involves understanding, using sounds, using body language and gestures, and communicating wants and needs.
  • Cognitive / Thinking skills
    Involves learning, reasoning, understanding, problem solving,
    and remembering

If you feel like your child is falling behind in any of these areas, you may want to Contact Us to schedule an evaluation

For more information about developmental milestones and what most children can do when they are in a specific age range, see the helpful links below.

Developmental Milestones Information: