About the Group

We are offering feeding groups for  preschool and school-aged children
Chat N’ Chow is a feeding group for children who are picky eaters and problem feeders. We will use play-based as well as evidenced­ based approaches to address the feeding needs of your child in a fun and friendly environment. Each group is led by one speech therapist and one occupational therapist with extensive training in a wide variety of feeding-based therapy techniques. This group will be especially helpful for children:

  • With specific food aversions
  • With difficulty allowing the introduction of new foods
  • Having trouble transitioning between food stages (purees to solids)
  • Unable to meet nutritional requirements on their current diet
  • Transitioning off of G-tubes/Increasing oral intake

What to Expect
Feeding therapy groups will be formed based on age and feeding abilities. Our therapists will work with both the child and the parents to develop a successful at-home program for carryover during and once the program has ended.
The sessions will last about 45 minutes with 15 minutes of parent education at the end.

Children will develop valuable skills to improve their ability to participate in family meals and snacks with
classmates/peers. Groups will be carried out in an environment where social interactions are important and encouraged, where food is fun, and where even small achievements are celebrated in a big way!


  • Bring your child hungry! 
  • Children of all ages and abilities are welcome.
  • Class will be held over 8 consecutive weeks.
  • Cost for 8 week class is $240.00

Contact Us for more info regarding the start date of the next session!