Speech Therapy

Speech and language services work to prevent, assess, diagnose and treat speech, language social communication and swallowing disorders.  

Expressive Lanuage

Receptive Language 

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Auditory Processing Disorders

Late Talkers


Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy services help children improve their sensory, cognitive, physical or motor skills in addition to addressing social, psychological or environmental factors.

Pre-writing Skills

Cognitive Skills

Sensory Integration

Fine Motor Skills 

Balance and Coordination

Visual Motor Skills

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy services help children gain strength and flexibility, increase range of motion and improve overall movement so that children can complete daily activities with success.

Balance and Coordination

Gait Training - crawling, walking, running, jumping

Adaptive Play

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Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is an applied science to implementing interventions based on principals of learning to improve socially significant behaviors to an acceptable level. Behavioral therapy interventions implemented are directly responsible for the improvement of positive behaviors.

Approrpriately deal with stress and frustration

Develop new ways of learning and self-help techniques

Increase self esteem

Improve performance at school, home and in social situations 

Increase independence  

Mental Health

Our mental health providers provide individual counseling for children of all ages and diagnoses.  They will help to uncover the behavioral and emotional difficulties that are interfering with the wellbeing of your child. 

Anxiety and Frustration

Impusle Control 

Temper Tantrums 

Difficulty sleeping or having nightmares and experiencing worries or fears

Aggressive Behaviors

Feeding Therapy

Our Feeding therapy addresses physical and sensory processing disruptions to a childs ability to safely and efficiently chew and swallow food to maintain a healty diet. 

Small range of foods  

Stres, anxiety or noncompliance during meals  

Difficulty chewing or swallowing 

Steady weight loss, struggle to gain weight or below growth curve for age

Avoidance of foods 

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School Services

As a national leading school-based provider of highly skilled educational therapeutic clinicians and educators, HealthPRO Pediatrics can help you meet the demand for services, lower operational costs, and decrease time consuming and expensive recruitment efforts without compromising your delivery of excellent educational service.   

Early Intervention

We are proud of our 35+ year history of working with families, early intervention programs, and schools providing customizable therapy services that get results. As a national leading provider of highly skilled therapeutic clinicians, HealthPRO Pediatrics will be right by your side helping your infant or toddler meet developmental milestones through a wide range of support options.

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