Our mental health providers offer adult and couples individual counseling for parents of typical children, parents of children with special needs, and parents processing a new diagnosis given to their child. 

They facilitate parent support groups with a focus on the following areas:  Autism, Feeding Disorders, Infant Loss, Sibling Support, Behavior, Trauma. 

Our mental health providers provide individual counseling for children of all ages and diagnoses. They will help to uncover the behavioral and emotional difficulties that are interfering with your child’s and your family’s wellbeing.  Our therapists will use play therapy as a way to understand and communicate with your child, with the goal of improving your child’s functioning in everyday life.  We can help your child learn to cope with anxiety, frustration, impulse control, temper tantrums, improved capacity to trust, aggressive behavior, difficulties with sleeping or having nightmares, and experiencing worries or fears.

Our mental health providers are well versed in performing psychological assessments in the following areas:  IQ, early intellectual development and school readiness, ADHD, ODD, reactive attachment disorder, anxiety, postnatal depression, and mood disorders.